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Submitting a Recommendation
Thank you for taking the time to recommend one of your students intending on participating in one of our study abroad programs.

Without Creating an Account

Step 1: You should receive an email request prompting you to follow the provided URL.

Step 2: You will enter the Recommendation ID (provided in the email).

Step 3: Enter the student's last name (provided in the email).

Step 4: Complete the online evaluation (or upload your document) and submit the form.

The student will see a checkmark next to your name indicating that you have completed the recommendation.

Creating an Account (allows you to manage all of your recommendation requests)

Step 1: On our Login page, select "Create Profile".

Step 2: Enter your name, birthdate, and full email address (the one that students will use to request your recommendation). A temporary password will be sent to your email.

Step 2: Once you have logged in for the first time (using the temporary password), you will be prompted to create a permanent password. This account will remain valid so that you may recommend future students.

Want to Submit a Paper Recommendation?

If you prefer to complete the recommendation by hand and mail or email the form to our office, you may do so.

Step 1: Print off the attachment that comes with the electronic recommendation request.

Step 2: Complete.

Step 3: Submit to our office.