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Program search results
Program search results
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CWT Australia (Various) - HCI 530/ISC 390: Trans-Humanism Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Q2 Chile (Santiago) - GLS 100/SPA 395: Performance, Festival and Globalization Santiago Chile South America
Q4 Czech Republic (Prague) - ANT 301/ GLS 100: Topics in Anthropology: Dead But Not Buried Brno Czech Republic Europe
Prague Czech Republic Europe
Q3 Czech Republic (Prague, Brno) - CMA 396/CMA 596 Made in the Czech Republic: Understanding Cultural Artifacts and the Built environment through the Lens of Design Brno Czech Republic Europe
Prague Czech Republic Europe
Q4 Dominican Republic (Various) - ENG 343/ENG 395: Diasporic Roots of American Literature in the Caribbean Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Latin America
Q3 France (Paris) - GLS 100/FRE 395 A Global City: Paris Paris France Europe
Q2 France (Perigueux & Les Eyzies-de-Tayac) - ANT 321: Caves, Paintings, and Carvings: The Paleolithic of Southern France Les Eyzies-de-Tayac France Europe
Perigueux France Europe
Q3 France (Paris) - BRC 370: Comparative Media Paris France Europe
Q4 Germany (Berlin) - GLS 100 / GER 395/THT 470 Berlin: History, Culture and the Arts Berlin Germany Europe
Q3 Greece (Athens) - GLS 100 Global City: Athens Athens Greece Europe
Q4 Honduras (Bay Islands) - BIO 394: Marine Wildlife Ecology Bay Islands Honduras Central America
CWT Fall 2018 India (Kolkata) - GLS 402: Palaces to Villages in India Kolkata India Asia
Q3 Ireland (Dublin) - GLS 100: Global Cities Dublin Ireland Europe
CWT Ireland (Waterford) - HIS 370 Irish Sport, History and Culture /SOC 354/355 Sociology of Sports Waterford Ireland Europe
Q4 Ireland (Waterford) - CMA 396/596: Global Experience-Ireland: East Coast from Dublin to Cork Waterford Ireland Europe
CWT Italy (Florence) - HIS 313/ HIS 100 High and Late Middle Ages Florence Italy Europe
Q3 Italy (Rome and Florence): ART 391/CMA 396 - Michelangelo in Rome and Florence Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Q3 Japan (Tokyo) - GLS 100 Global City: Tokyo Tokyo Japan Asia
Q4 South Korea and Myanmar (Various) - GLS 100/GLS 215/POL 300: Global Cities / Cultural Cities - Transitions from Authoritarianism Yangon Myanmar Asia
Seoul South Korea Asia
Q3 Spain (Barcelona) - HIS 370/SOC 354: Sport, History, and Identity in Europe Barcelona Spain Europe
Q4 Tanzania (Kilimanjaro) - BIO 394: Tanzania Biodiversity and Conservation Kilimanjaro Tanzania Africa
Q3 England (London): THT 470 London Theatre: Shakespeare and the West End London United Kingdom Europe
Q3 England (London) - CRW 395: Great Britain, Great Screenplays London United Kingdom Europe
Q4 England (London) - GLS 100: Global Cities / POL 328 / ENG 395 Politics and Literature London United Kingdom Europe
Q4 Scotland (Various) - GLS 316 / CHE 216: Fermentation Science in a Global Society Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom Europe
Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom Europe
Oban, Scotland United Kingdom Europe