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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for Ireland (Dublin) - CAPA Dublin.

Spring Budget Sheet for Ireland (Dublin) - CAPA Dublin
Spring Budget Sheet for Ireland (Dublin) - CAPA Dublin
Budget Item In-State Out-of-State
Tuition (12 credits - Full Time) * $3,535.00 $8,490.00
Program Differential *   $14,760.00 $14,760.00
Billable subtotal:  $18,295.00 $23,250.00
Passport   $145.00 $145.00
Visa   $350.00 $350.00
Estimated Round-trip Airfare   $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Estimated Food Costs   $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Estimated Textbooks and Materials   $200.00 $200.00
Estimated Spending Money   $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,795.00 $4,795.00
Total: $23,090.00 $28,045.00

Spring 2023
Payment Dates:     Fall - July 15th      Spring - December 15th

Tuition & Mandatory Fees: 
The amount shown is for SUNY Oswego tuition only. All SUNY students will be billed for applicable tuition and fees at their home campuses. For applicable tuition rates and fees,  please check with your home campus. Community College, CUNY and Non-SUNY students pay tuition and fees to the Office of International Education & Programs at SUNY Oswego. 

*Students choosing to take online SUNY course(s) in addition to their full-time study abroad program courses will be billed an increased program charge in accordance with SUNY Oswego tuition policy.

Program Differential: The program includes; instruction, residential student housing with no meals or a homestay (with your own room and two meals a day), a local transit pass (Dublin city bus pass), orientation, cultural event(s), and CAPA support and emergency services. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 homestay are currently unavailable.

Insurance: All students are covered by full health, evacuation and repatriation insurance.

Visa: Students will have to register with An Garda Síochána, commonly referred to as the Garda, upon arrival to Ireland.  CAPA will provide assistance with this process.  For American citizens, there is no visa to apply for prior to departure. 

Flights: The amount shown for round-trip airfare is an estimate only.  We advise you to start checking for flights early and use a variety of sites. Do not purchase a ticket until instructed by CAPA or your SUNY Oswego program coordinator.

Updated: 09/19/2022

* Billable item